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Originally Posted by PozzSka Vidi Post
Hrvoje, if you come to Reno, you can stay in my hotel room free of charge (beware there may not be much sleeping, and when there is there may be another 2 to 4 people in the room, it's cheaper that way.)

Would love to help out a hrvatski brat.

I just looked up plane tickets from Zagreb to Reno. 756.00USD (about 580 Euros) roundtrip on (flying lufthansa and united airlines)
Thanks for the kind offer, but I guess I'll have to pass... Some other time maybe. Although I would definitely like to visit the States (to brush up my English among other things)....

Originally Posted by MaRu Vidi Post
That's just what I wanted to say... I don't have a donkey that craps gold...
I guess my host-family would be happy to see me again, but Detroit is still quite a drive...

Stoever, have fun!
LOL! Nice phrase, never heard of it, but very vivid...
“Uz pjesmu mi se, evo, rodimo, uz pjesmu umiremo...”
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